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Image'In is a range of custom planters with contemporary and sleek style.

Made in fiber cement, our plant tubs are custom made to answers to all your wishes.

In direct relation to the designer, we provide you the best support in the product definition.


Free your landscape design

Fiber Ciment / Its Composition

WATER : Essential component for the manufacture of fiber cement, it is used to transport raw materials during the process and it is also present in the finished product. The raw water is pumped from rivers or groundwater. Its use is limited to the minimum necessary. The factories operate in closed circuit and reuse their industrial wastewater.

CEMENT : Binder hydraulic mineral, based limestone and clay, which allows to agglomerate the sand, fibers, etc..

The cement comes from cement plants located near the places of manufacture.

CALCIUM CARBONATE : It is used as a filler in the product.

AMORPHOUS SILICA : Dust residual of the fumes in the silicon industry. Amorphous silica is a byproduct of the manufacture of silicon, ferrosilicon and some alloys. Since 1997, fiber cement values this product by using it in its manufacture.

POLYVINILALCOOL : Synthesis fiber of organic origin whose main components are coal and oil. This fiber traditionally used in the manufacture of textiles, gives the product its mechanical resistance by playing the role of reinforcement fiber.

Suppliers are mostly in Japan and are engaged in type ISO 14001 approaches.

CELLULOSE : organic fiber derived from wood and paper. Once refined, cellulose fibers are used to trap and to agglomerate the cement to form a plate.

Suppliers are involved in processes of responsible forest management: FSC / PEFC / ISO 14001.

Fiber Ciment / Its qualities


Its composition makes it perfectly respectful throughout the manufacturing cycle / implementation / deconstruction.


Waterproof but permeable to water vapor, it lets earth breathe.


Insensitive to cold or to the most intense heat.


It is totally insensible to moisture.


Its nature and quality ensure a long-term use.

An average life of 50 years is considered normal.


Its conductivity is particularly low.


By nature it is incombustible and is classed M0.







Couleur Aubergine / Violet
Association de bacs Bleus
Vert d'eau - Bleu Turquoise
Bacs Vert Micronisé
Colonnes Jaune Punk Canari
Bac Table Orange
Jardinières Rouge Carmin Brillant
Marron Oxyde Urbain Micronisé
Bac Brun
Bac Taupe
Beige Brun Mat
Gris beige
Bacs Gris Aluminium Blanc
Bac Blanc
Pot Rose
Bacs Noir Zinc Mat avec treillis pour plantes grimpantes
Un Noir Chaud pour bac d'intérieur
Bacs Fins Gris Antracite Satiné
Gris Métal Urbain Pailleté
Gris Aluminium
Patine imitant l'aspect du Zinc - Vernis Mat
Teinte Rouille - Aspect Acier Rouillé type Corten
Pyramide Framboise